Computer Service

Every holiday house needs to have at least an internet connection. 
Most probably you would like to arrange such an installation at your house.

We are offering our special computer service, which will be done by a professional IT Engineer.

We will assist you in choosing the right equipment for your house with the correct facilities. After installation, we will support you furthermore when needed.         

We offer:

  • WLAN installations including extension of coverage in your house
  • Installation WiFi-Repeater and Signal-Enhancement to extend the reach of your Wireless Internet
  • Internet connected devices and streaming of your home entertainment system.
    This is done without losing existing security level of the WiFi-Setup
  • Installation of operating system, internet communication systems etc.
  • Set up of auxiliary equipment such as a printer, scanner, facsimile
  • Repairs incase of hardware failure or software problems (virus/spyware removal)   
  • Securing your pc environment for using by guests (unbreakable software environment)
  • Support and frequent Check-Up

Please enquire about our different service packages and we will be pleased to make you an offer without any obligations.